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Contract Preparation

Since there are no brokers involved in Sale-By-Owner transactions, your lawyer will prepare purchase and sale contract summarizing all legal and business terms of the transaction and complete required statutory disclosures. At this stage of the transaction, attorney will advise the Seller about estimated closing costs and discuss other steps that parties need to take until Closing.

Title Review

Seller’s attorney will engage a title company to run title search and prepare initial title commitment for the transaction. Title report provides important information about the Property such as its legal title holder, status of payment of taxes and assessments, list of monetary liens and other encumbrances that need to be cleared before Property can be sold. We will work with the Seller to clear title and make sure it is free and clear from any unpermitted liens at closing.

Documents Preparation

Attorney prepares all required legal documents required to transfer title to the Property, including, but not limited to Warranty Deed which conveys title from Seller to Buyer, Bill of Sale that transfers title to all personal property such as appliances and fixtures, and affidavit of title which provides confirmation that title is free from any defects.

Lawyer’s Role in FSBO Transaction

Lawyer plays a very important dual role in FSBO transactions considering there are no brokers involved. Your attorney will negotiate and prepare a contract and disclosures, handle all attorney review and inspection negotiations, clear title, work with condo or homeowner associations on resale requirements, prepare legal documents and attend closing to make sure the transaction is finalized in compliance with applicable law.

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